Dog sledding
3,850.00 kr 3,850.00 kr 3850.0 SEK
Come join us and our dogs for an arctic adventure on one of our dog sled tours. Experience the northern lights glittering snow-covered forests, bare mountains, true wilderness adventures and last but not least the friendship with our friendly Siberian huskies.

In all our tours we try to mediate our knowledge and feelings for the nature, the area and for our huskies On our tours we always travel in small groups which gives a you a better and more personal experience and its less stress for both people and dogs.

For us, it is important that you end up on the tour that suits you. Maybe it’s a shorter tour for a few hours or are you the person who are looking for a longer more demanding adventure over several days. Take a look at our tours and see what kind of tour you like and do not hesitate to contact usif you have any questions or concerns, whatever it may be.

1,890.00 kr 1,890.00 kr 1890.0 SEK
After we pick you up from your hut we will head over to one of the stocked lakes in Jokkmokk to catch Rainbow Trout. After drilling a few holes into the ice with my powered icedrill, I will have you fishing in no time.If it's a nice day you can move around the lake on snow shoes. This way, you can take in all the beautiful scenery the area has to offer. There is a good chance we will have the lake all to ourselves. It's the perfect getaway when you need a break from skiing and want some quiet time. This is truly a Swedish experience that you must cross off your bucket list.
Other things to note:

Guests will need to purchase a 1 day basic freshwater fishing license (SEK150) to participate in this experience.
Sápmi Experience
1,995.00 kr 1,995.00 kr 1995.0 SEK
Meet Anna, a young indigenous Sami woman, living an arctic lifestyle based on reindeer herding.

Available from 14 December- 26 March 2021 Min 2 – max 8 guests.

With the best that the Sámi kitchen has to offer!

This tour is for those who prefer to absorb themselves deeper in the Sámi culture. Spend a couple of relaxing hours for all your senses. Listen to the the sparkling fire while you enjoy a three course dinner from the Sami cuisine. A genuine gathering around the fireplace in the lávvu (tent house) where you will learn about the Sámi history and culture. Take part of the joik, the traditional Sámi way to musically tell a story and to remember the old ways. In the coral the reindeer will meet you curiously and you will be able to feed them and get really close. With some luck you might also get to view the Northern lights.

Tour includes: Sámi guide, three-course meal with the best food that the Sámi kitchen has to offer prepared over an open fire, meet and feed the reindeer, listen to traditional music (Joik).
Northern light and astro photography
3,000.00 kr 3,000.00 kr 3000.0 SEK
Save your amazing northern lights memories with your own professionally shot photos. Experience the Milky way like never before.
Predict the Northern Lights
Places to experience the northern lights
Camera equipment including smartphone pictures.
Take nice pictures
Upholstery and equipment
Edit the pictures
Cryotherapy and Siberian sauna tent with snow angels
1,690.00 kr 1,690.00 kr 1690.0 SEK
Learn how to embrace the cold and use your mind to control your body.Icebathing in combination with hot sauna are a awakening experience. Cryotherapy is good for longevity and trains your heat and cold shock proteins and lowers your risk of heart disease, secretes wellness hormones and make you feel unbeatable.
Skiing on forest skis
1,790.00 kr 1,790.00 kr 1790.0 SEK
Try out the nordic way of skiing with big wooden skis for powder skiing. Track and spot the nordic wildlife. We bring food and ski equiment . We adjust the tour according to your wishes and capabilities.
Ice dining
1,500.00 kr 1,500.00 kr 1500.0 SEK
A lifelong memory and exciting activity under the stars and the moon. We serve a 3-course dinner on reindeer skins in front of the fireplace on the ice covered river.
Snowshoe walk
1,790.00 kr 1,790.00 kr 1790.0 SEK
Learn how to move through the deep snow with snowshoes, your guide will help you become a good snowshoe. Explore the signs of tracks and animals on the snow, printed there until the next storm.
Wildlife adventure
2,450.00 kr 2,450.00 kr 2450.0 SEK
We start from your accomdation and go with snowmobile and sledge into the forest to search for bears, lynx and wolverine. We will probably find some reindeer,elk and birdlife on the way.
Snowmobile tour
2,250.00 kr 2,250.00 kr 2250.0 SEK
The snowmobile ride follows trails that are located on lower terrain. Safety is a high priority, so the route is planned with regard to weather and wind. Our snowmobile guides are very accustomed to the mountains and well-trained, it makes your snowmobile trip safe. Review of snowmobile rides and equipment. Testing of snowmobile clothing such as overalls, shoes, helmet and a snowmobile instruction. Our experienced guides will be present throughout the stay which guarantees a high quality in combination with relaxation and experience.

Lunch included

Riding options:

2 persons have 2 scooters 3130 SEK/person.

2 persons share 1 scooter 2150 SEK/person.
Sámesijdda- in the reindeer herd
1,600.00 kr 1,600.00 kr 1600.0 SEK
Sámesijdda, in the reindeer herd - a little insight into the Sami culture and what reindeer husbandry looks like today.

Welcome to visit us where you can meet a small reindeer herd. We will talk about our culture and about reindeer herding. In the tent we sit around an open fire on reindeer skin, and eat a wilderness lunch with suovas - smoked reindeer meat, gáhkko (a Sami flatbread), lingonberry dressing and of course taste the dried reindeer meat and drink cooked coffee!

If you want, you can try throwing a lasso, try the ultimate ski for forest skiing in the open air and if we get the reindeer herd, we will harness him and go away! The visit takes about 2 -2.5 hours. We are 14 km south of Jokkmokk (towards Arvidsjaur).

The price includes:

Wilderness lunch, tastings of dried reindeer meat and dried reindeer sausage

Gáhkko (Sami flatbread) coffee / tea - a light lunch.
Personal photo memories
4,990.00 kr 4,990.00 kr 4990.0 SEK
Enjoy your full stay and activities without needing to care for documenting your memories.Let us do the professonal job for you. From the first surprise about your accomodation, the cryotherapy with icebath, the northern lights orHusky riding.

Let us capture your trip with photos and video while you enjoy the nature around you. You get professional taken photos and video from your stay. Your first look at your hotel room, the snow adventure with campfire, dinner on ice or your experience with the northern lights. Whatever activities you choose to do, we make your memories last forever.

Reindeer sled tour
1,700.00 kr 1,700.00 kr 1700.0 SEK
Reindeer adventure through Lapland's winter forests with its own reindeer sleigh

At the historic farm in Biejvenoajvve new discoveries await you. The farm's trained draft and cargo reindeer will take you on an unforgettable cultural experience and a forest adventure. On a traditional sled, we travel in roadless land through untouched forests and on frozen bogs. You will experience the winter landscape from a whole new perspective.

When you arrive at the farm, you will first get to know the reindeer and know more about these fantastic Arctic animals. How have they been used as draft and cargo animals in Sami nomadic life? And what role did the reindeer play in the historical shipments of the mines' broken iron ore?

After an introduction on how to handle the towbar and sledge, we head out into the beautiful surrounding winter forest. On the reindeer sleigh, we glide almost silently through Lapland's snow-covered winter forests.

At a cozy camp site, we take a break to try one of the locals' favorite activities when you are out in nature - stop to make a fire, make coffee and provide yourself with something well cooked over the open fire. A natural and important part of Arctic life close to nature.

Together we make real forest coffee by the campfire, which is consumed with a local favorite cake. Over the open fire, you grill one of the locals' favorite sausages, which tastes extra good when cooked and eaten outdoors in the traditional way.

This tour is suitable for everyone, young and old, who wants to learn more and test the tranquil forest life close to nature and enjoy nature at a leisurely pace far away from civilization.

The wilderness village Solberget is located in an undisturbed and secluded location, in the middle of the forest surrounded by several unique nature reserves and with 20 km to the nearest neighbor.

Three-hour tour with reindeer sleigh (incl. Introduction and grilling). After half the distance we stop at an idyllic place in the forest for a break and grill by an open campfire.

Price: 1400 SEK per person, children up to 12: half the price

The tour takes place January 15 to approx. middle of April!
Ajtte Mountain and Sámi museum-guided tour
1,100.00 kr 1,100.00 kr 1100.0 SEK
Jokkmokk, just north of the Arctic Circle, has always been an obvious meeting place for trade, gatherings, festivals and meetings between friends from far and near. This is the site of Ájtte, Swedish Mountain and Sami Museum, a gateway to the high mountains, to Laponia and to the Sami culture. Here, we tell the
story of Sápmi, the land and the people, of life and survival in a
demanding climate and environment. It is a story set in the
wetlands, forests and mountains.

Sápmi, the land of the Sami – extends without bounds across the territory of four nations, encompassing a vast area of mountainous and forested country, tundra and wetlands. Here, we have hunted and fished for thousands of years, we have wandered endless paths and given names to mountaintops and streams. We have raised our children, sung praises of the land and appeased the gods for good hunting. We have followed the reindeer, driven our herds to better grazing and watched over the new-borns.

Laponia – Lapland’s world heritage area, covers an area of 9,400km 2 in the mountains and forests of Norrbotten and has been the home of nomadic hunters and reindeer herders since time immemorial. This is the site of four national parks and several nature preserves. In 1996 Laponia was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site. The museum’s Laponia exhibit gives an insight into its cultural and natural significance for all of humanity.

Costume and Silver : From hides and leather to festive dress of cloth. The Sami silver and its mediaeval design.
Drum Time : Religion and mythology.
Life of the settlers : A settler family in the early 1900s.
Getting by : The nomadic life and selfsubsistence with reindeer up to modern times.
On the Move : How people have adapted to life in a land without roads, and the migration of animals.
Laponia – my Heritage as well as that of the World. World Heritage site with cultural and natural significance for all humanity.

A lot more than just exhibits
Library, archives and study room.

Fjällinformation: Norrbotten’s national parks and Laponia.

Museum shop: genuine handicrafts of the finest quality, maps, books, music, etc.

Restaurang Ájtte, serving both Sami dishes and specials of the day.

Jokkmokk’s Alpine Garden – a growing part of Ájtte
Open during the summer, this alpine garden is an oasis on the shores of Talvatis Lake. Lightly trodden paths take us through various natural milieus hosting the flora of the region. One of mountain researcher Axel Hamberg’s field research huts has been moved here from Sarek National Park.
The Great rapids national park
3,100.00 kr 3,100.00 kr 3100.0 SEK
Come with us to the Great rapids national park. Storforsen nature reserve is located in the Piteälven valley. It is a good example of a mighty, northern river landscape. The Pite River is one of Sweden's four unregulated national rivers and the rapids are the largest in the Nordic region, and also Europe's largest unregulated. The rapids end in a seal where the water flows still. In the spring, you can often see whooper swans, pickles and mallards here.

The river is surrounded by a primeval forest-like forest, with a rich flora and fauna. Here, Norrbotten's landscape flower blooms wild berries in early summer and lilies of the valley spread fragrance. Later in the summer, the pink linen, the spruce forest's little fairytale princess with its sweet almond scent, blooms. You can also see the cinnamon rose here, it has cinnamon-brown branches and a faint cinnamon scent. In August, you can even taste wild red currants in the beach forest.
Flavor walk at the Arctic Circle
2,210.00 kr 2,210.00 kr 2210.0 SEK
Come along all year long on a tour with foraged herbs and berries. I bring my basket filled with tasty bits for the outdoor nature walk. Indoors I have set the table with more homemade treats.

​The 2,5 hour tour is filled with knowledge I want to share from my own discoveries about Swedish Laplands wonderful nature and culture.
Snowmobile skijoring
1,890.00 kr 1,890.00 kr 1890.0 SEK
Are you good skier an like to try something fun? Come join us and try to ski behind a snowmobile by holding on to the rope. Speed are adjustable after your capabilities.

3 h ride
Bear Dinner with Katarina Rimpi
2,400.00 kr 2,400.00 kr 2400.0 SEK
Let Katarina bring you back in time, to a sacred place where the bear was an important figure in cultural traditions.In front of the fireplace you will enjoy the Sami bear ceremony and afterwards you will taste the meat.